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Norscot for Zero Carbon Kit Homes

All new homes need to meet the new zero carbon standard by 2016.

Although this target may be a few years away in terms of legislation, zero carbon new builds are a long way from what existing regulations require.

The first question is: what exactly is a zero-carbon home? The definition is simple - a home must generate all its energy, including energy for heating, hot water, lighting and appliances, without adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Depending on need, surplus energy can be exported and energy deficits can be met by importing energy. The CO2 emitted by burning biomass must be compensated for by exporting zero-carbon electricity to replace grid electricity. Taking these factors into account, the net amount of emissions must be zero over the space of a year.

You could build a zero-carbon home right now if you have enough money. To make a home completely zero carbon means roughly 4,000kWh (per year) would have to be generated to power appliances, not accounting for losses through the fabric of the house.

Money is best spent on reducing energy demand first. Only then should you spend on reducing CO2 output. There are no secrets about how to do this – better insulation, glazing, air-tightness, wind / solar energy and ventilation and this is Norscot’s current focus.

The different approaches to zero-carbon homes mean costs vary hugely. But it is certain that they will be expensive initially. Most low-carbon developments in the UK have emerged through the will of individuals rather than regulations. Norscot is developing and refining zero-carbon homes so they work and are affordable.

Why Choose Norscot?

There can be little doubt Norscot has stood the test of time. This means customers can expect products which are “fit for purpose” and a reliable service. They can also have total confidence in the comprehensive guarantees offered by the company.